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Folgers® has a wide variety of coffee products for offices both big and small. Explore our many options and choose the one that best fits your workplace needs. Treat your coworkers to the rich, pure taste and aromas of Folgers Coffee.

Folgers Filter Packs Coffee is a mess-free, coffee-in-filter system that brews a consistent, flavorful cup of coffee. It features a pre-measured filter pack, and eliminates the need for stocking filters and coffee separately.

Want Filter Pack Options?

Our specially designed filter packs for smaller offices make six 6-oz cups per pack, while our original Folgers Filter Packs Coffee makes 10 6-oz cups per pack. Learn more about our Filter Pack technology and how this flaked coffee product provides great brew strength and color.

Vacuum packed for consistently fresh taste, cup after cup. Each Vacket Pack makes one pot (10 6-oz cups) of coffee. Learn how this flaked coffee product provides better brew strength and cup color.

Great Folgers® Taste in convenient, industry-standard fraction packs. Each pre-measured pouch makes one pot (10 6-oz cups) of coffee.

Enjoy the rich taste of Folgers® Coffee in whole bean or ground bags.

You can brew right in your cup with Folgers® Instant Coffee Singles. Each bag makes one cup (6 oz) of coffee.

Folgers® Instant Coffee Crystals are carefully roasted to give you the right balance of flavor and strength. Our 100% soluble Folgers Instant Coffee is available for a variety of applications, including vending machines, commissaries and break rooms.

On the Go?

Our Folgers® Instant Coffee Single Serve Packets give you that delicious Folgers Coffee Crystals taste in a convenient, on-the-go form.

Rounding out the Folgers® Portfolio, Millstone delivers a premium coffee experience to your office. Our slow-roasted Mountain Grown® Beans are the key to the sensational flavor of Millstone Coffee. Each pre-measured pouch makes one pot (10 6-oz cups) of coffee. Find a distributor near you today.

Also available in:

24-ct/1.75-oz case - Breakfast Blend
24-ct/1.75-oz case - Caffe Midnight®
24-ct/1.75-oz case - Hazelnut Cream
24-ct/1.75-oz case - Foglifter®

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